Our hours of operations are:

Monday Closed(If you’d like to reserve a Monday dinner please contact us)
Tuesday 5:30-10:00
Wednesday 5:30-10:00
Thursday 5:30-10:00
Friday 5:30-10:00
Saturday 5:30-10:00
Sunday 5:30-10:00


Please Call 412-204-6147 for reservations or click the link below. Please read our cancelation policy below before making your reservation

Cancelation Policy

While we understand that life is unpredictable we ask that guest notify us at least 24-hours in advance if a cancelation is necessary.

We are a very small restaurant, in an industry notable for thin profit margins, that limits the number of guest we see in order to maintain quality standards and create a special experience. We ask guest to please be considerate of this fact and that we schedule staff that depend on the business as a source of livelihood and order products in the peak of season and in very precise quantities from farmers and purveyors who work hard to provide us with top-quality products that we do not wish to waste. Our restaurant has a positive impact on the community at large in order to continue doing so, and in the spirit of our commitment to sustainability we must first maintain a sustainable business.

Canceled or unfulfilled reservations may be subject to a 25$/person cancelation fee.


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