Our Tasting Menus are offered Thursdays through Sundays.  Please note that we are a no-tipping restaurant and hospitality is included. You can expect anywhere from 6-10 courses with either menu. All options typically contain the same amount of food but offer different ingredients and courses.

Chef’s Tasting – 104
Vegetarian/Vegan – 88

Sunday Chefs Tasting-89
Sunday Vegetarian/Vegan – 79
**Enjoy our Sunday discounts Jan-Sept.

Chef’s Grand Tasting Experience – 155
Chef’s Grand Taste of Vegetables – 122

Our grand tasting experience is a unique option that offers the addition of luxury ingredients. These ingredients may or may not go a little outside of our region for sourcing. However they are still sourced with integrity, quality, and seasonality in-mind. Some example ingredients are truffles, foie gras, lobster, morel mushrooms, and so on. 


Seasons is a BYOB restaurant and we welcome our diners to bring their own selection of alcoholic beverages.

One day advance of the reservation, we will be calling/emailing the wine recommendation for the evening’s tasting course to assist our diners with our suggested pairings.

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