To enjoy an experience with us, select from our course options below. No day is the same at Seasons; courses can be completely altered or re-imagined with the tweak of one ingredient from day-to-day. We use ONLY the best local products and make very few exceptions. You will find the cuisine comforting, vibrant and exciting, with a touch of creativity. Most importantly, you will find that our food embraces the SWPA region and truly reflects its namesake – Seasons.

We accommodate ALL reasonable allergies and dietary restrictions. 


6-course (meat)  $59
6-course (veg)  $54
A great option to experience Seasons.
8-course (meat)  $72
8-course (veg)  $67
Our most popular option. 


Chefs Grand Tasting $122
The chefs grand tasting varies in course amount (typically 8+) based on ingredient availability. Chef uses more “luxury” ingredients (some outside of SWPA) and techniques to make this a special experience. Some examples of ingredients that may be used are: truffles, wagyu beef, or foie gras. It is perfect for food lovers and foodies alike, those celebrating a special occasion or for those who are just looking to have a memorable meal.


*Prices subject to change without notice based on market pricing. 


We are a byob restaurant. There is a $5/bottle recycling/corkage fee.

Wine Pairings

Please inquire at the time of reservation about the availability of wine pairings. We offer pairings for a suggested donation of $44

N/A Drink Pairings

We offer non-alcoholic drink pairings designed to enhance your dining experience for those who do not wish to consume alcohol for $22.

Sample Menu

(provided as an example to demonstrate the format of the meal)


Trio of Local Honey
Wildflower, Japanese Knotweed, Buckwheat

House Grown Vegetables
Apple cider vinaigrette, sea salt, butter

Whole Wheat Sourdough
Cultured butter, JQ Dickinson Sea Salt 

Egg Custard
Maple, cream, chive blossoms

Beef Tartar
Lemon verbena, wood sorrel, pickles

Duck Egg Omelette
Wild Mushroom, Farm Cheese, Onion Purée

Beet Salad
Plums, Shiso, Sour Cherry Vinaigrette

Sweet Corn Pudding
Charred corn, chanterelle mushroom, wild herbs, black truffle

Foie Gras(supplement)
Strawberry leather, rhubarb foam, buckwheat crumble

Laurel Valley Trout
Compressed Cucumber, Buttermilk, Garden Herbs & Flowers

Roasted Lamb
Heirloom tomato, Romaine, Herb Aiol, basil oili

Panna Cotta
Strawberry, Nectarine, Lavender

Shortbread cookie with jam, honey comb, seasonal sorbet

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